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By the end of this year, there will be 9 new hotels and homestays in and around Quanzhou Ancient City

Date: 2023-09-17

Recently, the Standing Committee of the Quanzhou Municipal People's Congress conducted a special research and promotion. By the end of this year, 9 new hotels and homestays can be added in and around the ancient city of Quanzhou, with 458 new rooms and 597 new beds.

It is reported that at the beginning of this year, the Quanzhou Municipal Government and relevant departments, based on a comprehensive analysis of tourist routes and accommodation consumption choices for tourists coming to Quanzhou, organized efforts to comprehensively sort out state-owned assets in the ancient city and surrounding areas within half an hour's drive, and focused on selecting a group of assets with reasonable location, suitable area, and good conditions for renovation, forming the "Quanzhou Ancient City and surrounding state-owned assets renovation into accommodation project list (2023-2025)", The preliminary plan is to have 23 projects that can be renovated and put into use by 2025, with a total of approximately 2937 new rooms and 4091 beds.

According to the need to strengthen tourist reception capacity and the maturity of state-owned assets, the transformation of state-owned assets will be promoted in three batches. The first batch, by the end of this year, will have completed the renovation and commissioning of 9 projects, which will result in the addition of 458 new rooms and 597 beds; In the second batch, by the end of 2024, 10 projects are planned to be renovated and put into use, with an expected increase of 1049 rooms and 1474 beds; The third batch, by the end of 2025, plans to renovate and put into use three projects, with an estimated increase of 630 rooms and 899 beds.

At the same time, the Quanzhou Municipal Government is also focusing on the long-term and planning a number of projects that will be renovated and put into use after 2025, including about 21 buildings. It is planned to start the renovation and upgrading in 2025, with approximately 800 new rooms and 1120 new beds.